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The Board of Governors and staff of Hawthorn Park Community Primary wish to ensure that pupils with medication needs receive appropriate care and support at school.  The Headteacher will accept responsibility in principle for members of the school staff giving or supervising pupils taking prescribed medication during the school day where those members of staff have volunteered to do so.


Please note that parents should keep their children at home if acutely unwell or infectious.


1. Parents are responsible for providing the Headteacher with comprehensive information regarding the pupil’s condition and medication.


2. Prescribed medication will not be accepted in school without complete written and signed instructions from the parent.


3. Staff will not give a non‑prescribed medicine to a child, however if a Parent wishes to administer medication during school time an arrangement can be made.


4. Only reasonable quantities of medication should be supplied to the school (a maximum of one weeks supply at any one time).


5. Where the pupil travels on school transport with an escort, parents should ensure the escort has written instructions relating to any medication sent with the pupil, including medication for administration during respite care.


6. Each item of medication must be delivered to the Headteacher or Authorised Person, in normal circumstances by the parent, in a secure and labelled container as originally dispensed.  Each item of medication must be clearly labelled with the following information:


  • Pupil’s Name.

  • Name of medication.

  • Dosage.

  • Frequency of administration.

  • Date of dispensing.

  • Storage requirements (if important).

  • Expiry date.


The school will not accept items of medication in unlabelled containers.


7. Medication will be kept in a secure place, out of the reach of pupils.  Unless otherwise indicated all medication to be administered in school will be kept in a locked medicine cabinet.


8. The school will keep records, which they will have available for parents.


9. If children refuse to take medicines, staff will not force them to do so, and will inform the parents of the refusal, as a matter of urgency, on the same day. If a refusal to take medicines results in an emergency, the school’s emergency procedures will be followed.


10. It is the responsibility of parents to notify the school in writing if the pupil’s need for medication has ceased.


11. It is the parents’ responsibility to renew the medication when supplies are running low and to ensure that the medication supplied is within its expiry date. The school keeps a check on medication such as inhalers and inform parents if they are running out.


12. The school will not make changes to dosages on parental instructions.


13. School staff will not dispose of medicines.  Medicines, which are in use and in date, should be collected by the parent at the end of each term.  Date expired medicines or those no longer required for treatment will be returned immediately to the parent for transfer to a community pharmacist for safe disposal.


14. For each pupil with long‑term or complex medication needs, the Headteacher, will ensure that a Medication Plan and Protocol is drawn up, in conjunction with the appropriate health professionals.


15. Where it is appropriate to do so, pupils will be encouraged to administer their own medication, if necessary under staff supervision.  Parents will be asked to confirm in writing if they wish their child to carry their medication with them in school.


16. Inhalers are kept in individual named boxes, along with the child’s asthma record log and consent. These are all located in the medical room, which is central to all areas of the school, for the children to have access to at all times. The children are always monitored by a member of staff when they take their inhalers.


17. At the beginning of each year the class teacher is given a list of any children who have inhalers or allergies.


18. Staff who volunteer to assist in the administration of medication will receive appropriate training/guidance through arrangements made with the School Health Service.


19. All medication administered, apart from asthma inhalers is signed off by a second witness.


20. The school will make every effort to continue the administration of medication to a pupil whilst on trips away from the school premises, even if additional arrangements might be required.  However, there may be occasions when it may not be possible to include a pupil on a school trip if appropriate supervision cannot be guaranteed.


21. All staff will be made aware of the procedures to be followed in the event of an emergency.



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