Admissions Criteria

Nursery – Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)


  • Priority for nursery – FS1 places is given to children in the catchment area of the school.  However, if there are spare places, then children from out of the catchment area may be admitted.

  • In the event that the Nurseryis full, children will be placed on a waiting list in the order of their birth date. Parents will be contacted as and when places become available. Priority will be given to catchment children followed by children with siblings attending the school.

  • When the parents of children out of the catchment area request admission, they are informed that a nursery place does not automatically guarantee a place in the FS2 reception unit and that they must apply to the Local Authority for a place in the school.

  • Parents within the catchment area who do accept a nursery place for their child/ren are expected to transfer them to the main school to continue their education.

  • Parents are informed of a place a term before admission.

  • Children usually enter our nursery unit in the term after their third birthday or if they receive two year funding the term after their second birthday: this may depend upon the number applying and the number of places available.

  • The nursery has 90 places (45am and 45pm). This includes 75 part time places (including 12 places for funded 2 year olds) and 15 full time places for 30 hours funded children.

  • Part time children are given either 5 morning or afternoon sessions.

  • Children are admitted in chronological order

  • The children are admitted in the Nursery three times a year in the September, January and April terms. 

  • In line with Central Bedfordshire’s policy on equal opportunities, most children with special needs can be admitted to our nursery.  However for three year olds, we prefer for children to be toilet trained before entry unless there is a medical need.

  • The nursery is a stepping stone between home life and the main school and, for this reason, regular attendance at nursery is encouraged.

  • The settling in procedure varies with each child according to their readiness to be left and the parents will be guided by the nursery staff. 


Reception - Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)


  • Hawthorn Park Community Primary School has a 60 place entry to the FS2.  If there are more than 60 applications, priority will be given according to the Central Bedfordshire Admissions criteria.

  •  Parents must complete the Local Authority application form, either online or by hand prior to the  published date.

  •  Parents applying for a place in the FS2 unit must also complete a school application form with Central Bedfordshire Council, unless they attended our Nursery.

  • Children transfer from nursery or home if their fourth birthday falls on or before 31 August. Children from out of the catchment area must apply to the Local Authority.

  • All children can attend FS2 full time, however ,the needs of the child are paramount in any decision regarding full or part time entry. The headteacher and staff discuss the child’s ability to cope and the parents are consulted before final decisions are made.

  • If there is a waiting list the admission criteria will apply as set out below:

  • LAC (Looked After Children) living in the catchment area

  • Children living in the catchment area in birth order

  • Other LAC

  • Children with an Education, Health and Care Plan

  • Children with very exceptional medical conditions

  • To brothers and sisters of pupils currently attending the school

  • To brothers and sisters who have previously attended the school

  • On the shortest distance, measured in a straight line, between the main school entrance and the children’s home address, with those living closer to the school being accorded higher priority. In any situation where the application of the above criteria results in a situation where there are more children with an equal right of admission to the school than the number of available places, the distance criteria above will be used as a tie breaker to resolve the matter

Moving into the area or transferring schools

  • Children and parents moving into the area or transferring from another school are encouraged to visit beforehand.  This visit enables the children to become familiar with the building, route to school, the class teacher and other children in the class.  A school brochure and other information is given during the visit.

  • Pupils must apply to the LA either on line or by form (in year transfer form) before admittance to the main school

  • Pupils should complete school admission form prior to entry.


The Local Authority is required to consult the Governing Body of the school each year about admission arrangements.