From the term after your child’s fifth birthday full-time attendance at school is compulsory by law.

Parents are requested to inform the school on the 1st day of any absence. If your child is absent because of illness, dental or other medical treatment, medical evidence will need to be provided to the school office.


Frequent lateness or absence from school without good reason, will result in a referral to the Education Welfare Officers and will be recorded in the School and National Records as an unauthorised absence.

Fixed penalty notices may be served to parents/carers by the Education Welfare Officer.


School times

​The school day for all pupils starts at 8:45am and finishes at 3:30pm.

The school gates and classroom doors will be open from 8:30am to ensure a prompt start at 8:45am.



​Reception:    11:45am - 1:00pm

Key Stage 1:    12:00pm – 1:00pm

Key Stage 2:   12:30pm – 1 :30pm

The mid-morning break for Key Stage 1 is from 10:15am – 10:30am

The mid-afternoon break for Key Stage 1 is from 2:15pm – 2:30pm

The mid-morning break for Years 3 + 4 is from 10:30am - 10:45am
The mid-morning break for Years 5 + 6 is from 10:45am – 11:00am

School Times and Attendance