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  • We believe that good habits of regular attendance and timekeeping are beneficial to our children’s education progress.  These habits also establish a good work ethic for the future.

  • It is vital to some of our children in particular that they do not miss any unnecessary days of schooling.

  • We believe it is essential to support families in order to ensure good attendance.

  • To continue to promote and sustain an upward trend in attendance across the school.

  • To reduce % of persistent non attendees.



  • We will actively encourage parents and children to develop good habits of regular attendance and time keeping.

  • We will reinforce good attendance by giving it a positive image.

  • We will reinforce good attendance by setting good examples of efficiency of timing

  • We will rigorously monitor attendance and punctuality.

  • We will raise awareness of the importance of good attendance amongst the school community.

  • We will continue to work along side the Education Welfare Service in supporting any problem family.

  • We will continue to support vulnerable families and children within the school, using Parent Support Assistants and other support networks.

  • We will set targets for attendance and unauthorised absence.

  • We will use fixed penalty notices to combat unauthorised absences.

  • We will not authorise any family holidays in term time, except in ‘exceptional circumstances’ in accordance with DFE guidance.

  • We will continually raised parental awareness of all issues relating to attendance and time keeping.

  • Breakfast Club is available to all pupils. This facility is offered to families where attendance / lateness is an issue in order to assist families with any difficulties

  • It is the responsibility of Class teacher to ensure G2 register is completed am/pm accurately and to report any attendance issue to school office.

  • If there is ICT issue with G2, All Class teachers must completed paper register and send to school office.



  • Targets will be set for authorised and unauthorised absence in individual year groups

  • There will be an improvement in the annual rate of attendance

  • There will be a decline in the number of families arriving late at school

  • Parents will be made aware of the importance of good attendance and timekeeping

  • Parents will be encouraged to provide school with reasons for absence as a matter of routine.

  • Summaries of attendance for a single pupil, class, year group or family will be available from the computer for school, parents and EWO viewing.  They will be promptly available for Social Services and Child Protection Meetings.

  • The possibility of future disaffection of pupils will be reduced.

  • The basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy in many pupils will be improved.



  • Use G2 Integris computerised attendance module.

  • Named person for monitoring attendance Jo Baxter

  • Continue to use the Family Support, PSA and other agencies to support families.

  • Clear procedures for marking and co-ordinating a register are listed in staff handbook.

  • A list of “vulnerable children” is monitored and regularly reviewed by staff.

  • The school brochure will communicate to parents the importance of good regular attendance.

  • School newsletter will continue to raise awareness of importance of good attendance.

  • New parents will be given a letter raising the importance of attendance.

  • EWO will be invited to speak to 4+ parents at the open morning in July.

  • First day call to all parents where child is absent and no reason has been logged on school system.

  • Pupils who have permission to walk to school alone, their arrival will be monitored. If they do not arrive on time. School will contact parent immediately to gather reason for absence.

  • Pupils who walk to school alone will be carefully monitored for late=ness and any issues reported to parents.

  • Rewards and incentives for good attendance and improvements in attendance.

  • Weekly letters to parents of pupils below 85% attendance

  • Display within school to promote good attendance



  • The Head teacher and EWO will carry this out on a half termly basis.

  • An action plan will be set jointly each year.

  • Action plan to be monitored termly.

  • Link Governor will monitor attendance termly

  • Jo Baxter carries out weekly attendance analysis



TARGET 2013-14


97% Attendance

0% Persistent Non Attendance

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