Emotional Well-Being support

Children who are identified as needing additional support are usually identified by their class teacher or parents.

We have an in-school referral process which is completed by the class teacher after a conversation with the child themselves and their parent/carer.

The Mental Health Lead will receive the referral and in conversation with the class teacher, Sendco and parent/carer will decide the appropriate level of support needed to meet the needs of the child.

The in-school provision available is:

  • Group support/circle time - led by the emotional well-being support staff

  • Individual support sessions provided by the emotional well-being support staff

  • Weekly counselling sessions provided by Sorted Counselling Services - this is commissioned by the school.

If the child's needs cannot be met by the above services or there is a decline in their emotional well-being, then a referral will be made to CAMHs.

For some children and families other services accessed outside of school may be appropriate and in such circumstances, referrals will be made to CHUMs -


The progress of children receiving in-school support will be monitored, tracked and evaluated using SDQ type questionnaires. These will be completed by both teaching staff, parents and the child.

When children have more complex needs, other tools and resources will be made available to assess and monitor their needs and support e.g. Boxall Profile.

For children and families that have a higher level of need and/or are accessing services outside of school provision The Early Help Assessment and Team Around the Child process will be used to assess and plan support.

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