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1. General Statement

It is our policy to ensure that appropriate first aid arrangements are in place for our children, staff and any visitors to our premises. This includes providing sufficiently trained employees for our needs and maintaining an adequate supply of first aid equipment.

It also involves providing enough information to staff to enable first aid assistance to be sought during normal school hours. Where work is regularly undertaken outside these hours, then adequate first aid cover will be provided.


The school’s arrangements for carrying out the policy include nine key principles.

• Places a duty on the Governing body to approve, implement and review the


• Place individual duties on all employees

• To report, record and where appropriate investigate all accidents

• Records all occasions when first aid is administered to employees, pupils and


• Provide equipment and materials to carry out first aid treatment

• Make arrangements to provide training to employees, maintain a record of that

  training and review annually

• Establish a procedure for managing accidents in school which require First Aid


• Provide information to employees on the arrangements for First Aid

• Undertake a risk assessment of the first aid requirements of the school


2. The Legal Position

Our duty to provide first aid at work is governed by the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981. These require us to carry out a risk assessment in order to determine what first aid facilities and personnel are necessary to meet the needs of our school.

We are also required to review this assessment periodically to ensure that current provision is adequate. In order to comply with these Regulations, our assessment has considered a number of factors, including the following:

  • Size of school

  • Type of school

  • Building layout

  • Past history of accidents

  • Needs of travelling and/or lone workers


3. Responsibilities of First Aid Personnel

In order to carry out their duties effectively, first aid personnel have the following duties and responsibilities. First-aiders are responsible for:

  • Responding promptly to all requests for assistance

  • Summoning further help if necessary

  • Looking after the casualty until recovery has taken place or further medical assistance has arrived

  • Reporting details of any treatment provided

  • Calling an ambulance where necessary

  • Looking after the first aid equipment and ensuring that containers are re-stocked when necessary.

  • Materials, equipment and facilities.

The school will provide materials, equipment and facilities as set out in DfE ‘Guidance on First Aid for schools’


4. Procedures


The following are general first-aid related procedures to be followed by all staff:

  • If you are aware that anyone on the school premise has been taken ill, or has had an accident, call another member of staff for assistance

  • Assess the patient’s condition and then call 999 or 112 for advice


Where a child is involved contact the parents in the first instance. If the parents cannot be reached the school will make the decision All new members of staff must be shown the location of the Medical Room and the first aid equipment


  • The Medical Room is clearly marked, so that all visitors etc know it’s location

  • Staff training certificates will be displayed in the Medical Room

  • Medic Alerts displaying a child’s photo, condition, symptoms will be displayed in the Medical Room and the child’s classroom. This refers to a child with epilepsy, diabetes or severe allergy requiring an epipen

  • If you need to access a first aid kit for personal use, do not remove it from its designated place

  • Any loss or damage to first aid equipment must be reported to Jo Baker

  • If a first aid kit is poorly stocked, this should be reported to Jo Baker

  • All staff on visits out of school are expected to carry a first aid kit with them at all times. They are responsible for informing Jo Baker when it is poorly stocked.

  • Medication for named individuals should be kept in the medical room in named boxes with the child’s name and individual care plan

  • Medication other than inhalers will be kept in a locked medical cupboard in the Medical Room

  • All visits to the Medical Room by pupils are logged with date, injury, treatment, signature. A copy is given to the child to take home

  • Head injuries are always reported to Parent/Guardian as soon as possible following the injury

  • Medication administered in school can only be administered by named persons

  • All medication administered apart from asthma inhalers is signed off by a second witness

  • Parents must sign and complete administration of medicine forms in advance

  • Whole staff training on First Aid (4 hour course) will be undertaken every three years and all teaching and support staff will be invited to attend when necessary

  • The next whole school staff First Aid Training should be organised for September 2015


5. Off Site Activities

  • At least one first aid kit will be taken on all off site activities, along with individual pupil’s medication such as inhalers, Epi Pens etc.

  • A person who has been trained in first aid will accompany all off site visits


6. Reporting Accidents

  • The Governing body will implement the LA’s procedures for reporting all accidents to employees and all incidents of violence and aggression

  • The Governing body is aware of its statutory duty under RIDDOR in respect of reporting the following to the Health and Safety executive as it applies to employees

1. An accident that involves an employee being incapacitated from work for more than three consecutive days.

2. An accident which requires admittance to hospital for in excess of 24 hours

3. Death of an employee

4. Major injury such as fracture, amputation, dislocation of shoulder, hip, knee or spine

5. For non-employees and pupils an accident will only be reported under RIDDOR: where it is related to work being carried out by an employee or contractor and the accident results in death or major injury, or;

6. It is an accident in school which requires immediate emergency treatment at hospital

7. For each instance where the Head teacher considers an accident to a visitor or pupil is reportable under RIDDOR the advice of the authority will be sought

8. Where a pupil has an accident it will be reported to the LA.

9. All accidents to non-employees (e.g.) visitors which result in injury will be reported to the authority


7. Head Injuries to Pupils

  • The Governing body recognise that accidents involving the pupil’s head can be problematic because the injury may not be evident and the effects only become noticeable after a period of time.

  • Where emergency treatment is not required, the copy page from the First Aid book will be given to the class teacher to hand to the Parent at the end of the day.

  • In FS1 head injuries are recorded in the accident book, which Parents sign to say they have been informed.


8. Transport  to Hospital or Home

  • The head teacher will determine what is a reasonable and sensible action to take in each case

  • Where the injury is an emergency an ambulance will be called following which the Parents / First Contact will be called

  • Where hospital treatment is required but it is not an emergency, then the Head teacher will contact the Parents/ First Contact for them to take over responsibility for the child

  • If the Parents / First Contact cannot be contacted then the Head teacher may decide to transport  the pupil/ adult  to hospital.

  • Where the Head teacher makes arrangements for transporting a child/adult  then the following points will be observed:

1) Only staff cars insured to cover such transportation will be used

2) No individual member of staff should be alone with a pupil in a vehicle

3) The second member of staff will be present to provide supervision for the injured Pupil / Adult


 9. Dealing with Visitors

  • It is our policy to offer first aid assistance to visitors on our premises.

  • Should a visitor feel unwell or have an accident, then the employee supervising   

                their visit should call for a first aider/appointed person. An entry will be made in the    

                Accident Book


10. Staff Training

  • All staff undertaking first aid duties will be given full training in accordance with 

                 current legal requirements. Any appointed persons will attend a two day First aid

                 at work course. These will be updated as required.


11.  Information for Employees

    We acknowledge that first aid arrangements will only operate efficiently where they are 

   understood, both by employees and others who may be working on our premises. These

    include part-time and temporary staff. For this reason, information on how to summon first  

   aid is provided for all new staff.


Information on the current first-aiders/appointed persons will be provided on Staff  Notice  Boards.

First Aid boxes can be found in the following areas: Medical Room / Kitchen


12. Staff Training


Name                                   Training                       Date                     Expiry

Patricia Jones               First Aid at Work              20.05.11              19.05.14

Susan Cook                  First Aid at Work              23.09.11              22.09.14

Angela White               First Aid at Work              14.10.11              13.10.14

Karen Humphries         First Aid at Work              14.10.11              13.10.14

Marian Thompson         First Aid at Work             16.10.12              16.10.15

Nicola Fearn                 First Aid at Work             16.10.12              16.10.15

Joanne Baker               First Aid at Work              21.05.13              21.05.16

Joanne Baxter              First Aid at Work              21.05.13              21.05.16

Gina Hazell                  First Aid at Work              21.05.13               21.05.16

Kayleigh James            First Aid at Work              18.05.12              18.05.15                   


Lisa Byrne                   Administration of Medicines and Management of Medical Conditions training     21.10.10

Marian Thompson       Administration of Medicines and Management of Medical Conditions training      21.10.10


Joanne Baxter             Managing Medicines           05.06.13

Joanne Baker              Managing Medicines           05.06.13


Sue Cook                        Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                                04.10.12

Jacqueline Taylor            Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                               22.06.11

Anne-Marie Mulholland   Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                               12.07.11

Amanda Dann                 Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                               Jan 2014

Karen Humphreys           Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                               Jan 2014

Kayleigh James               Diabetic Training with the M.Patel Diabetic Nurse                                               Feb 2014


Diabetic Update Termly for staff involved


Sue Wilson                  Paediatric First Aid           29.10.11               28.10.14

Hayley Webb               Paediatric First Aid          29.10.11                28.10.14

Sonia Goldsmith          Paediatric First Aid           29.10.11               28.10.14

Barbara Hinton            Paediatric First Aid           09.07.13               08.07.16

Helen McCarthy           Paediatric First Aid          13.12.13                13.12.16

Chanatip Collatin         Paediatric First Aid           13.12.13               13.12.16

Linda Pugh                  Paediatric First Aid          13.12.13                13.12.16


All Staff

Epilepsy, Asthma, Diabetes, Anaphylaxis and administering an Epi Pen – School Nurse


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