Mental Health and Well-being

At Hawthorn Park we are committed to supporting and promoting positive mental health and well-being for all our pupils and staff. 


We have a dedicated Well-being staff team who are;

Mental Health Lead – Anne-Louise Kyte

Safeguarding Lead – Anne-Louise Kyte

Parent Support Worker – Anne-Louise Kyte

SENDCO – Clare Lewis

PHSE Lead - Clare Lewis

Designated teacher for Looked After children – Clare Lewis

Emotional Well Being Support Staff – Jackie King and Anne- Maria Mulholland

Admin Support for Safeguarding/SEND/ Emotional Well Being – Grace Campbell

At Hawthorn Park children who are recognised as needing additional support, are usually identified by their class teacher or parents.  

If you have concerns about your child’s emotional well - being then please speak to their class teacher or contact Anne-Louise Kyte on 01582 945150.


Below are links to some websites that you might find useful...

Resources to use at home



Adult Learning Courses 

Children Mental Health

The following organisations offer support for children and young people.

We can refer to these services in school, but you can also make referrals directly as parents.

The websites also have some very useful information on a whole range of subjects related to children’s mental health and well -being.  - Empowering children and young people to build resilience, manage their emotional health and to fulfil their potential.  For children 10-18 years