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All children are given are given the opportunity to swim at Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 and up to year 6, in order to allow them to become confident swimmers.

Aims and objectives

-To make swimming an enjoyable and challenging physical experience for the children.

-To increase water confidence of beginners.

-To swim unaided, competently and safely.

-To achieve a variety of means of propulsion using either arms, legs or both.

-To develop efficient swimming strokes on the front and back.

-To have knowledge of the principles of water safety and to learn the appropriate skills.

-For all children to be water confident and be able to swim 5metres and up to 25metres and beyond.



All children are taught different swimming strokes and skills for water safety.

The children participating will be Years 1 and 2 [autumn term] Years 3 and 4 [spring term] and Years 5 and 6 [summer term].

The children are differentiated by ability and taught in manageable groups.

All new children are assessed in the beginners group and are transferred, if necessary, into the most appropriate group to their needs.

Children are made aware of the safety rules. These apply to walking to the swimming pool, at the poolside and in the changing rooms.


Assessment and Monitoring 

Children are formally assessed for distance swimming award.

All children are constantly monitored for their swimming ability and stroke development and lessons are adjusted accordingly to develop their skills.


Success Criteria

In general, success criteria is reflected by the achievements from distant awards. However, it is well recognized and appreciated that levels of success will be personal to each individual as they increase in confidence and ability.

Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

Children are encouraged to appreciate the environment and the need to respect the unpredictable force and motion of water. Children are encouraged to act in a social and moral way when swimming and realize the others safety, as well as their own depend on the choices and actions they take.

Children must abide by the safety rules of Houghton Regis Leisure Centre Swimming Pool.



Human resources – pool staff including lifeguards, present at all times. Swimming teacher, parent helpers, in the pool and in the changing rooms. [ All CRB checked.] Swimming teacher and lifeguards have appropriate qualifications.

Physical material resources – swimming aids, buoys and weights.

Swimming Kit

Suitable swimwear for girls preferably one piece.

Swimming trunks for boys.


Long hair tied up or a swimming hat.

No jewelry including earrings and wristbands.


Conditions that require medication at poolside, e.g. inhalers must be given to teacher in charge, so these are available during the swimming session.

Any foot infections are covered.



Children walk to the swimming pool and back with the appropriate number of adults.

On arriving at the swimming pool the girls and boys change in the appropriate changing room, monitored by at least two adults.

All children have the responsibility to get themselves ready, this includes showering and going to the toilet before entering the pool. This includes dressing afterwards.

The children only enter the pool when told to do so. They abide by the rules of the swimming pool. 

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